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Example of manufacturing facilities and production processes

This page contains links to materials of different companies building homes from milled round logs
Presented materials are not associated with Woodlnadia if it is not indicated explicitly


Videos & Pictures

video& pics videos & pics

Video and slide show of of
MultiLog-1 log home manufacturing line


Woodlandia MultiLog-1 layout idea 1.1

Pictures of log home manufacturing line RoundMaster-3

RM-3 layout example pic 01

Video from
Copyright (c), Mammoth Mill

Video from
Copyright (c), PrecisionCraft Log & Timber Homes

3 Video from Copyright (c), Finnscania
Log Home Video demonstrates production process
of timber home kit manufacturing

Video from Copyright (c), Coventry Log Homes

 Example of facility where log decks are made of round logs

Log Deck made of round logs
... nothing is here yet ...