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Woodlandia LJ-1, log mortising machine

Woodlandia log mortising machines are intended to mill a slot in the log ends. Such slots  are usualy uded for two purposes:
1. slots for key-ways in log shell openings
2. slots for lenghtwise log interconnection

Usually these type of machine is a part of a production line (for example RoundMaster or MultiLog) and is intended to work in conjunction with other Woodlandia’ machines.for axample as shown on the picture below:


Woodlandia offers 2 models of Log Mortising machines:

LJ-1:    this machine is made since 2008 to 2012 and now by special orders only.
LJ-1M: this machine allows a log to go through the mahine (made since 2013 by special orders only). 


LJ-1M LJ-1

To review LJ-1 slide show in new window please click on the picture bellow.





LJ-1 is shipped in two versions:

  1. LJ-1 with 470V/60Hz motors 
  2. LJ-1E with 380V/50Hz motors (depending on region).

The machine can be shipped from our stock in Toronto, Ontario, Canada or directly from our manufacturing facility in China depending on Buyer's order.

  • Please inquire for our price lists ( click here )
  • 100% advanced payment is required
  • One cutter head ans 1 set of 4 knives and inserts are included


  • LJ-1 is provided with 1 year limited warranty (parts only)
  • LJ-1E is provided with 6 month warranty (parts only)
  • The warranty  covers all electrical components & bearings of the machine.



  • Shipping, packaging and handling is extra (pickup is available)
  • For leasing information please click here


For ordering or questioning, please contact us...