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Pivoting notchers

This page contains information about 2 Woodlandia notchers capable to mill Round Notches in round logs in different angles (-30° .. +30°)

General Information

To mill angled notches Woodlandia ofers machines for such purpose:

NM-1: light, relativelly inexpensive. Click here to review information about NM-1
NM-3: heavy duty, with hydraulic drive and clamps. Click here to jump to the part of the page where NM-3 is described


Woodlandia NM-1 Notcher

Woodlandia log notcher NM-1Many log home designs come up with idea to connect walls in log home in angle different than 90 degrees. Woodlandia notch milling machine NM-1 is intended to cut notches of 45, 60, 90 and 135 degrees (other angles are also possible). NM-1 is relatively light machine (600lb or 300kg) and can be moved even to building site and work from portable generator. Such idea is used by those log home building companies who buy milled round logs at wholesale price and them mill notches at building site. 

 Working together with the LL-41, the NM-1 adds flexibility to designs for today's log builders. Beside that the notcher allows to speed up production process because time expensive notching operation can be reduced on Log Lathe and mov

ed to dedicated notch-maker.

Many businesses improve production process by using LL-41 (or RLM log rounding moulder) just to turn logs to necessary diameter and mill lengthwise groove (Swedish cope) only. And then processed log is moved to other machine (NM-1, NM-2 or NM-3) where notches are milled. Such configuration where 2 machines are used simultaneously can increase productivity of the business on 35% and even more. Such parallelism can increase productivity of the business on 35%. Dedicated notcher NM-1 adds flexibility to designs and is a nice helper for log home builders. Notch maker can significantly increase productivity of the business since there will be no expensive time spent for notching on LL-41.


NM-1 Slide Show

Please click here to review slide-show demonstrating NM-1

Click on a picture to enlarge it...
Notchmaker NM-1 Notcher NM-1 Notcher NM-1 milling 45 degree round notch
Woodlandia Notcher NM-1 on a job site (pic-3) Woodlandia Notcher NM-1 on a job site (pic-2) Woodlandia Notcher NM-1 on a job site (pic-1)







Round notch can be milled during 2-5 minutes including log setup. Output depends on log species, diameter and hardness. For bigger log diameters or hardwood logs slower carriage speed must be chosen.

Required personnel: 1 operator

Note icon 

Specification can be changed without notification to improve capabilities

Physical characteristics

Length: 59"  (1.5 m)
Width: 19.5" (0.5 m)
Height: 39.5" (1 m)
Weight: 4080 pounds (1850 kg)
Environment: from -10 to +40 degrees Celsius

Power requirements

North American version European version
(Australia, New Zealand)
30A 30A
3 phases 3 phases
470V 380V
60Hz 50Hz


Min log length: 39.5" (1 m)
Min log diameter: 6" (160mm)
 Max log diameter: 12½" (320mm)

Electric motors

Milling motor: 5.8A, 4.02 HP, (3KW)
Carriage motor: 0.66A, 0.24 HP (0.18KW)

Tooling: Single 4 knive cutter head to mill notches in a range between 160 and 320 mm (6 1/4 -  12 1/2")

  • Just one cutter head is necessary for whole range of diameters.
  • 4 knives provide smoother and nicer finishing
  • Knives are bolted to the cutter head body to provide safer operation
  • Info about this cutter head and knives is in this document, please click here...



 Note icon

 The NM-1 is sold as a kit, which requires Buyer's assembling and setup.
 The NM-1 has moving and rotating parts which can cause accidents if operated or installed improperly.
 Each customer is required to sign "Release of liabilities" form.



NM-1 kit is shipped in two versions:

  1. NM-1K with 470V/60Hz motors and
  2. NM-1KE with 380V/50Hz motors

Machine can be shipped from our stock in Toronto, Ontario, Canada or directly from our manufacturing facility in China depending on Buyer's order.

  • Please inquire for our price lists ( click here )
  • The kit includes 2 one-meter long surrounding roll tables and pneumatic log holders
  • 100% advanced payment is required



  • NM-1K is provided with 1 year limited warranty (parts only)
  • NM-1KE is provided with 6 month warranty  (parts only)
  • The warranty  covers all electrical components & bearings of the machine.



  • Shipping, packaging and handling is extra (pickup is available)
  • For leasing information please click here




Woodlandia notcher NM-3

NM-3 log notch maker

Woodlandia notcher NM-3 has milling spindes (2 cutter heads) working from opposite sides of a log. The nother is capable to mill notches in different angles


NM-3 Features:

  • NM-3 is turn-key notching solution. The machine has 2 unique cutter heads which work for wide range of diameters (no need to replace cutter head when switch between log diameters).
  • The benefit of two cutters is smooth and nice facing edges and quick notching. On NM-3 both cutter heads start milling from 2 sides of the log what eliminates "splits". Then one on the opposite side stops and moves to "parking" position while other one continue milling to the point where 1st cutter head has stopped.

  • Cutter heada are specially designed and work for range of diameters.
  • Knives can be sharpened on regular bench grinder



Woodlandia Notcher NM-3 NM-3 log notching mchine Round Notch with "Rib"

Click on a picture to enlarge it in new window


NM-3 Specification

Imperial Metric Notes
Max log diameter 12.5" 320mm By special order this can be increased to 15.75" (400mm)
Min Log diameter 6.25" 160mm  
Min log length 39" 1000mm  
Power of milling motors 2 x 10HP 2 x 7.5KW  
Rotations per minute   2000  
Power of hydraulic station 4HP 3KW  
Pressure , kgs/cm2   30-35 The machine has hydraulic log clamp.
Two carriages with cutter heads are driven by hydraulic cylinders.
Milling head linear speed   adjustable  
Default angles: 30, 45, 90 6-12.5" 160-320 mm 15.75" dia notch can be milled only in 90 degrees
Length 103" 2600mm  
Width 81" 2450mm  
Height 71" 1800mm  
Weight 3300 lb 1500 kg  





By default NM-3 machines are made for 380V/50Hz European power. By special order the 470V/60Hz motors can be installed on the NM-2.

  • Please inquire for our price lists ( click here )
  • Two 4 knives cutter heads for range: 6 - 12.5" (160-320mm) are included
  • 100% advanced payment is required



  • Limited warranty (parts only) covering bearings, electrical components, motors is provided. USA & Canada: 1 year, world-wide; 6 months



  • Shipping, packaging and handling is extra (pickup is available)
  • For leasing information please click here