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Woodlandia LogRipper sawmills


What are LogRippers® machines?

LogRipper is a family of sawmills for primary breakdown of raw wood.
There are few models of LogRippers available:

unique sawmill for short & small logs 
Input raw log diameter range: 50-250 mm (2-93/4") 
Input raw log length range: 1-6.5 m (40" - 21 ft)
Troughput: up to 15 m/min (49 ft/min)
Output lumber/timber up to: 160x160 mm (6 1/4 x 6 1/4")
Productivity: up to 30 cubic meters (12.5 MFBM) of milled product per workshift

Similar to the LogRipper-160X but upgraded to accommodate 
Input raw log diameter range: 50-280 mm (2-11") 
Output lumber/timber up to (HxW): 200x160 mm (8 x 6 1/4")


LogRipper-160X, LogRipper-200

Effective sawmills for small & short logs. 


Featiures of the LogRipper-160:

  • This is unique family of "next generation" sawmills for small & short logs
  • Ideal for small/medium size business milling smaller softwood stems (pine, spruce) into palet size boards or timbers
  • The operator of the machine can change width of the cut lumber on a fly depending on input log diameter
  • Integrated milling cutters for slab elimination (less hard waste)
  • Two spindles for sawing allows to use thinner saw blades what may improve production yield and reduce power consumption
  • Precission +- 0.5mm
  • Automated & quick change of sawn width depending on input log diameter 
  • Integrated VAC system for saw-dust and wood shavings removal 
  • Laser beam pointers 
  • integrated log in-feed and out-feed (a log is pushed through the saw-milling unit)

All models come with

  • in-feed for logs up to 6.5m long
  • out-feed
  • 2 laser beam pointers
  • Integrated VAC system for waste removal
  • 1 set of tooling


Input raw log diameter range: 50-250 mm
(2-9 3/4") 
50-280 mm
Input raw log length range: 1-6.5 m (40" - 21 ft) 1-6.5 m (40" - 21 ft)
Output lumber/timber up to (HxW): 160x160 mm
(6 1/4 x 6 1/4")
200x160 mm
8 x 6 1/4")
Troughput: upto 15 m/min
49 ft/min)
upto 15 m/min
49 ft/min)
Productivity: up to 135 c m 
(57200 fbm)
see notes below
Similar to

What about productivity of the LogRipper-160X and LogRipper-200?

  • Let's pretend you need to mill 150x150 mm (6x6") squares from 3m (10ft) long logs
  • 150 x 150 x 3000 mm = 0.0675 cubic meter in one 3m long log 
  • Lets assume the LogRipper works 50 minutes per work hour in 8 hours workshift = 400 min/workshift
  • Then LogRipper-160X or 200 working on max speed (15m/min) can mill 4-5 such logs per minute = 1600 - 2,000 of such logs per workshift 
  • It means that LogRipper-160X or 200 theoretically can mill 1600 * 0.0675 = 108 cubic meters or 45,768 board foot of 150x150 (6x6") timbers per workshift
    (2000 * 0.0675 = 
    135 cubic meters or 57,200 board foot of 150x150 (6x6") timbers per workshift)
  • Please note that these numbers make sence only for the 150x150mm millingon max speed. Other profiles will produce different numbers accordingly to volume of wood. 


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Here is  video (6 min) of the LogRipper-200

Here is  video (3 min) of the LogRipper-200


Here is  video (5 min) of the LogRipper-160X

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