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Our sales process

Usually our sales process consists of several stages, described in this document.

Please review our sale process. Clearly defined points make the business & communication easier.


1. After a Client has established interest in our products we work toghether to clearly understand what the Client's goals, expectations, budget and schedule are.

  • We will ask bunch of questins like:
    • What is your tatget productivity interms of MFBM or cubic meters or linear foot or meters per workshift?
    • What is your target budget?
    • When do you want the equioment to be delivered by?
    • Do you need leasing/financing?
    • What equipment you already have, can be used in conjustion with new machines?
    • What would be percentage of log butt diameters:
      • less than 4" (<100mm)   -  ... %
      • 4-6" (100-150mm) -   ...%
      • 6-8" (150-200mm) -   ...%
      • 8-10" (200-250mm) - ....%
      • 10-12" (250-300mm) - ...%
      • 12-14" (300-250mm) - ... %
      • 14-16" (350-400mm -  ...%
      • 16-18" (400-460mm) -  ...%
      • 18-20" (460-510mm) - ...%
      • more than 20" (>510mm) - ...%
    • What is your project goals?
  • We appreciate any other business relative information which You can tell us, so we will be able to serve You better;


2. Providing the Client with maximum information in order the Client to understand whether our products and solutions can satisfy the Client's requirements & expectations;

  • Our web site is good source of information;
  • Our sales staff is willing to help and will be glad to answer your questions;
  • We have video presentations & printed materials for your review;


3. We invite the Client for demonstration. We would like our Clients clearly understand the product they going to buy and to be confident about the equipment.

  • Our demo facility is in Ontario, Canada. Demonstration of equipment is by appointments only;
  • Sometimes we can arrange demonstration at our other Client's facility;


4. If the Client is satisfied then next step is to agree on sales terms.

  • Contract can be signed by both parties if necessary;
  • Leasing application is submitted (if necessary);
  • Shipping & Delivery dates and methods;
  • Release of liabilities Form is to be signed by the Client


5. Then we proceed with the order and payments.

  • We accept wire transfers only.
  • We accept USD, CAD, EURO


6. Next, we proceed accordingly with our mutual agreement or contract conditions:

  • shipping & delivery
  • installation & launch if this was initial mutual agreement (or one of contract conditions)


7. Followup, warranty & support

  • Making sure that Client is satisfied
  • We provide warranty & servicing if necessary