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Woodlandia LTPS machines

Woodlandia Log Through Pass Sawmills (LTPS-machines) are intended for processing of small and medium diameter softwood and hardwood raw barked stems into dimensional lumber or custom boards.

What are Woodlandia LTPS machines?

LTPS stands for Log Through Pass Sawmill. So Woodlandia machines of LTPS series are intended to mill logs into boards timbers or plank just in one pass. This provides great time & speed benefits into the wood milling process. Woodlandia offers several models of LTPS machines:

  • LTPS-150E (former LTPS-125E)  - it is an ideal tool for processing of small diameter stems (max butt dia: 9” or 230mm) into dimensional or custom lumber in one pass (pallet board manufacturers like this machine).
  • LTPS-150ME - the machine is similar to LTPS-150 but has extra milling spindlles to eliminate hard-waste. In other words the machine mills boards and does not "produce" slabs but only sawdust and shavings. 
  • LTPS-250 - the machine for primary wood rip sawing for raw stems in a range 7–16” (180-400 mm)


Who may need LTPS-log mill?

LTPS-machines are efficient solution for:

  • businesses sawing big amount of small diameter raw stems (pls refer to specification below for max raw stem diameter)
  • businesses specializing in sawing of hardwoods into boards for furniture industry and door/window applications
  • loggers who want to recover lumber from small diameter stems efficiently at a job site
  • businesses utilizing beetle or fire killed stems
  • Pallet board manufacturers who needs affordablle and reliable machine (LTPS-150E)  


Why Woodlandia LTPS machine?

  1. LTPS-log rip sawmill is 20+ times more productive than any band saw mill
  2. Better product yeld than in other typed of sawmills
  3. One-pass-all-done principle allows lesser foot print and personnel
  4. LTPS-machines are well balanced in terms of price/throuput, in other words for unit of $ the owner gets much eficient productivity
  5. LTPS-machines are robust and reliable, provenly working in rough conditions since 2008
  6. LTPS-machines are flexible and can be re-set for different cut-profiles during 1-3 hours (about 100 different profiles where created by 2014)
  7. Woodlandia LTPS-machine can allow a small business to step up onto new level of productivity
  8. These machines can be installed in a shop or in a field under an awning or in a shed


What else one shall know about LTPS-mills?

  • The price of the LTPS-machine can be 5-10 times more expensive than a band sawmill but the throughput can be 20+ times more productive
  • For better throughput LTPS-mill requires some infrustructure: automated in-feed & out-feed log decks, autometed in-feed/outfeed conveyors, waste removing conveyour, forklift for delivering logs to/from the log decks
  • For better throughput log sorting is required
  • All parts in LTPS-machine are metric
  • LTPS-machine requires 3phase industrial power: 460V/60Hz (USA & Canada) or 3800V/50Hz (Euroope, Australia, NZ, South America)






In general the productivity can be calculated from the machine trougput capacity (the feeding speed). The diameter of logs and the final cuting profile determine the final productivity of the machine.
For example LTPS-150E can mill logs with speed  19-50 ft/min (6-16 m/min). But milling 6" dia logs will produce less FBM thanmilling of 9" dia logs.

Also the productivity of LTPS machine depends on following factors:

  • infrastructure and logistics (in-feed/out-feed automation)
  • wood species
  • boards layout: number of circular saw-blades installed & max height of boards to cut
  • tool sharpness
  • moisture content of the wood



Pictures the most popular Woodlandia log rip-sawing machine LTPS-150E


Pictures of LTPS-150ME


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Pictures of LTPS-250


Coming soon...


Basic layout idea for Woodlandia LTPS-machinery




  • Payment terms (USD, CAD, EURO): 50% upfront, remaining to be paid before delivery by instalments 
  • Delivery requires either one 40 ft or 20ft sea container (depending on a machine model). For delivery quotation contact us (postal or ZIP code of a destination is required)
  • All LTPS-machines are built by special orders only (usually no inventory, but some popular models can be in stock)
  • Please allow 60-150 days for manufacturing and delivery
  • Limited warranty (parts only) covering bearings, electrical components, motors is provided..USA & Canada: 1 year, world-wide; 6 months.
  • By special order NEMA-compatible motors can be installed on LTPS-machines (by default all LTPS-machines electrical parts are for European 3phase 380V, 50Hz power)
  • CSA/ULC/CE certification is optional 
  • Please inquire for our price lists and extra technical info


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