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Log Lathe LL-41.600 (2016)

New redesigned log lathe from Woodlandia. Simple, robust, reliable, safe + unique feature such as automated mode of milling.

Woodlandia listened carefully to clients and now offers new generation LL-41.600 log home milling center integrating bunch of improvements and new revolutionary features making the machine number 1 choice for small and medium businesses. New version of the Woodlandia log lathe now is more capable, safe, versatile and 10-25% more productive.

LL-41.600 is a new log lathing machine Woodlandia introduced in 2016.


The log lathe is intended for milling of roundish or D-shape house logs of different diameters from raw, dry or seasoned, barked or debarked logs of different species: pine, spruce, Douglas fir, cedar, hemlock and other.

The machine performs following operations:
• Rough & fine round dowel milling
• Swedish cope profile milling
• D-log profile milling
• Round notch milling
• Lateral kerfing cut


In comparission to LL-41 of previous design (2008) new machine has number of improvements.
What are the improvements?

  • Improved capabilities:
    • max log butt diameter: 24” (600mm)
    • max Round notch diameter: 14” (360mm)
  • Embedded microcontroller module allows:
    • capable to work in automatic & semi-automatic modes (like a robotic CNC machine) to minimize an operator involvement
    • moving carriage speed optimization depending on the milling motors load
  • Redesigned machine base frame:
    • allows using of optional waste conveyor
  • Redesigned moving carriage frame (box type):
    • allows better safety and waste control
    • integrated 3-point log support (stay) device for better output geometry
    • extra support device to eliminate inconsistency while milling the lateral groove
  • Redesigned tail and head stocks with reliable log lifting mechanism
  • Redesigned control panel
  • Laser guiding pointers for better log placement


Woodlandia Log Lathe LL-41.600


LL-41.600 allows:

  • Min-Max input log length: 40”-26 ft (1-8m)
  • Min-Max input log tip-butt dia: 7-23.5” (180-600mm)
  • Round dowels dia range: 6.5-22” (160-560mm)
  • Max default Swedish cope width: 7” (180mm)
  • Round notch diameter range: 6.5-14” (160-360mm)
  • Lateral kerfing cut: Yes
  • Can remove up to 4" (100mm) of wood fiber per radius (8" per diameter) in one pass

Please note: the machine is shipped as a machine kit, an owner is expected to assemble and setup the machine accordingly to provided assembling manual


Extra features available:

  • Underneath belt conveyor for waste removing
  • Extra frame sections to prolong the machine frame 
  • T&G profiling
  • Dual swing blade saw-milling module for milling of standard and custom dimensional lumber & timber up to 12x12" (300x300mm)
  • Knife sharpening device
  • In-feed & out-feed log tables to speed up log loading/unloading



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