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Log Lathe LL-700

Woodlandia log lathe LL-700 is mighty, robust, heavy duty machine for milling of massive stems into round dowels or Swedish cope house logs

LL-700 is a new heavy duty log lathing machine Woodlandia introduced in 2016.


The heavy duty log lathe is intended for milling of massive raw, dry or seasoned, barked or debarked logs of different species: pine, spruce, Douglas fir, cedar, hemlock into round dowels of Swedish cope house logs

The machine performs following operations:
• Rough & fine round dowel milling
• Swedish cope profile milling
• Lateral kerfing cut

Extra profiles such as T&G, D-Log are possible with optional milling units/cutters.


Unique features of the LL-700 log lathing machine:

  • Two cutter heads for faster log turning
    • up to 2 times faster turning than on other lathes
    • allowing to remove upto 8” (200mm) of wood fiber per pass
    • max Round notch diameter: 14” (360mm)
  • Embedded microcontroller module allows:
    • capable to work in automatic & semi-automatic modes to minimize an operator involvement
    • moving carriage speed optimization depending on the milling motors load
  • The machine frame
    • Heavy duty frame
    • Modular frame construction with option to prolong the frame
    • allows using of optional waste conveyor
  • Box type moving carriage frame:
    • allows better safety and waste control
    • integrated 3-point log support (stay) device for better output geometry
    • extra support device to eliminate inconsistency while milling the lateral groove
  • Laser guiding pointers for better log placement



LL-700 allows:

  • Min-Max input log length: 40”-32ft (1-10m)
  • Min-Max input log tip-butt dia: 7-27” (180-700mm)
  • Round dowels dia range: 6.5-24” (160-610mm)
  • Max default Swedish cope width: 10” (260mm)
  • Lateral kerfing cut: Yes
  • Can remove up to 8" (200mm) of wood fiber per radius (16" per diameter) in one pass

Please note: the machine is shipped as a machine kit, an owner is expected to assemble and setup the machine accordingly to provided assembling manual


Extra features available:

  • Underneath belt conveyor for waste removing
  • Extra frame sections to prolong the machine frame 
  • T&G profiling
  • D-log profiling
  • Dual swing blade saw-milling module for milling of standard and custom dimensional lumber & timber up to 16x16" (400x400mm)
  • Knife sharpening device
  • In-feed & out-feed log tables to speed up log loading/unloading
  • CNC upgrade to turn the lathe into fully automated robotic system



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