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LL-41 & LL-41B solutions

These are simple basic solutions for individual, small businesses or medium size companies



  • This is very important to consider how logs will be delivered to the log lathe. Inefficient log transportation will affect productivity of LL-41.
  • Although small companies can rely on tractor with forks or all-terrain forklift to deliver and remove logs, bigger companies should think about rail cars, conveyors or roll tables.
  • Removal of waste is also important since it may cause delays in work flow process. Consider using of conveyors for waste removal from/under the LL-41. This will benefit productivity of the machine.


Here is a link to a document describing simple solution for manufacturing of log homes and cabins: "Basic LL-41 - Arunda Solution". Proposed solution is intended for small businesses manufacturing milled log home kits or companies developing properties. Such solution will allow manufacturing of 5-12 log shells per year for average area homes (~2000 sq ft).


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Woodlandia LL-41 layout example-01.01
Woodlandia LL-41 layout example-01.03

Efficient log transporting and waste removal systems can increase productivity drastically


LL-41 layout example 02.02



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LL-41 "Real Life" examples in pictures



Log conveyor delivers logs to LL-41
Log deck and rail cart in front of log lathe
Waste removal system





This solution is a bundle where log lathe LL-41 and log notching machine NM-1 work simultaneously. In this solution LL-41 is not required to mill notches. Turned and coped logs are sent to Notching station or to stocking area (or to kiln for example). So notching station can receive log as from LL-41 as well as from the stock. By such way the business can work in different modes.

Other option is that LL-41 is located in one place and notching station in other. For example log lathe can be set up near of logging area and notch-maker can be setup at building site. Logs turned on the log lathe are sent to building site. So notches will be milled just before logs to be put onto the log shell. Such configuration can safe significant amount of transportation expenses in some particular circumstances.

LL-41B layout idea 01.01


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