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Considering how to grow your Log Home business manufacturing capacity?

Here are steps of what to do if you have a need to grow your log home business manufacturing capacity

1. define the target cost of the final product in terms of $ per sq ft (or $/sq mete)r based on your business requirement.


2. depending on (1)  select suitable wood building styles your wish your plant to produce.

It can be one or combination of following:

   - classic log homes from whole logs (handcrafted style)

               this is hi-end in log home craft: always unique, artisan look, requires very skilled personnel to produce such log works

   - milled log homes from whole milled logs

               this is economical way to produce 100% natural log homes in mass quantities with affordable price for the end user              

   - timber frame homes (from squared timbers or glue-lams)

               this style can incorporate as wooden walls as well as SIPs or conventional stick frame walls.

   - wooden homes from laminated timbers (gluelam) or composite wood materials/panels (LVL, LVP)

               modern technology. bunch of "pros:, the cons is only that some people think composite materials are "less healthy".


3. check availability of materials and pricing

  - in some cases it maybe more economically reasonable to produce materials (i.e. gluelam) locally from imported raw stems rather than import gluelam or LVL.
     In other cases it maybe reasonable to partner with someone who has own wood allocation


4. define target manufacturing output in terms of cubic meters or  linear ft/m  per work shift (or per year)


5. define the budget for the manufacturing facility and the equipment

6. Please contact Woodlandia Corp. 

     Basing on items above we will prepare our offer incuding:
       - equipment layout
       - material workflow
       - cost