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Log home shell

here we tell what log home shell consists of...



Log home shell is one of major parts of whole home construction. Shell can consist of just wall logs as well include roof system made from logs also. Click on picture to see definitions of different logs used in log home construction. 


  There are many different styles of log profiles for log walls. We may distinguish few main cathegories:
In log home walls we may recognize two types of interfaces connecting logs: lengthwise (horizontal) and corner. Horizontal interface can be two types: chinking and chinkless. Chinking style assumes that between logs there is some gap, which is filled out with some insulating material. Please refer to the picture below for example of forms of chinking.

There are many chinkless methods exist. Some of them are traditional i.e. “Flat on Flat”, “Concave over Round” (Swedish cope), “double-cut” groove. Others are result of modern wood milling technologies, so today log home kit mnufaturers offer: machined ripple tongue & groove, spline and some other types of interlock.

Builders tie logs together by driving hardwood tenons, pegs, dowels, through-bolts, or lag bolts, or pin them with rebar into predrilled holes through each round of logs to the rounds below. This is standard procedure used by probably all log home builders.

Some homes, built with “posts and beams” technology, can look like log homes too. Although such homes do not have shells, log posts and beams can make such home looking very attractive. Take a look on pictures.


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chinking styles
chinking styles
chinking view from interior
example of log cabin shell with roofing
"post and beam" structure example